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UL Solid nose gear conversion
Up-Down Rudder mod
UL MX Brake Mod
UL Bulkhead mod
B Windshield


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Price list of supplies, Modifications

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Paper items


UL manual , complete, original copy


UL Parts book, original copy


XP manual, original copy


Gary Kneier's Articles on XP mods and experience


Final Assembly Video or DVD , copy


Set of original partial XP blue prints, copy 


Blue Prints for open trailer, one page only 


Click here for Picture

Original Falcon 2000 promo video, copy 


Falcon Medley video, assorted footage


Covering materials


PVF film per linear foot, 54" wide now

$ 5.95

Another big 25% price increase summer 2009 due to the solar industry!!


PVF Film 80'x54"


requires 80ft 

Seamstick tape 1/2"x36y


Requires 4

Silver Reflective tape 2" x73y


requires 2

PVF tape, 2"x50y,white


requires 2

Foam tape, double sided 1"x72Y


requires 1

Total covering package 

package size is 4x15x57, weighs 14 lb.



Link to USPS to get shipping cost,        ships from Zip 10579 



B-style windshield conversion kit, complete

Blueprints only, you build


$ 50.00

Click here for picture links

XP, UL heater, stainless center, complete

Drawings, plans only, you build



Click here for picture links

UL MX style disc brake upgrade, exchange

Upgrade to 6" wheels



Click here for link

UL nose gear, solid, spring, w brake , own wheel


Click here for picture links

      XP nose gear, solid, spring-own wheel $195.00 XP nosegear 001.jpg (165007 bytes) XP nosegear 003.jpg (175314 bytes)

UL rudder down to up modification kit


Click here for picture links

Strut-thru bushings, each UL and XP


Strut bushings.jpg (84778 bytes)

UL fuselage reinforcing bulkhead sandwich


Click here for picture links

Custom gear fairings, XP,pr


Pictures to follow

Custom parts and fabrication


Canard D tube , new


Canard D tube rebuilding


Wing D tube, rebuild outer section


UL trailing edges in .032 upgrade, set


Axle weldment UL, ea


Axle weldment XP


Upper axle elbow weldment XP or UL


Gear strut, XP or UL


Need something made ? 

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